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An actual blog of the feelings that I hide from my other blog.


I wanna spend money I don’t have

To impress my other halves

My brain splits into two

A fight between the evil and good

I wanna save the world one day

But I’ve fuckin’ bills to pay

Go to college

Get laid


Somebody told me a paper gets you paid

It’s been a year and I’m a broken well

A waterfall o’ tears steaming into hell

Burn, baby, burn

The American Dream has turned

Me and all of my colleagues

Into debt-ridden zombies

Out for the moneys

But really,

We’re the experiment monkeys

They talk about in government laboratories.



picasso learning ballet

this is my fav photo omg



picasso learning ballet

this is my fav photo omg

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Nikisha+Carl of wedding photos



Nikisha+Carl of wedding photos



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I am by myself almost always. I write about myself and my eyes linger at my face when I look into a mirror, but I still do not know who I am.

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Dream Within a Dream.

Let’s go on an adventure

To nowhere in particular

I  got no plan just a map for us

Maybe we’ll end up closer to the stars

On the hills above

Swerving our cars on Hollywood Blvd.

Waiting on the night to make us feel young

This is what dreams are really made of

A city so bright it drowns all creation

It’s like Inception all over again

Except this is a reality

Not limbo or death

and Cobb can’t save us.


Even chains have holes inside them.

I do. I don’t.

I really don’t understand.

Do I like him or the idea of him? Should I pursue a mad and complex relationship or wait for the one that ignites my bones? Does he really like me or will he fall in love with the next woman he meets in Vegas? Why does he choose to numb himself?

I want to know if I should pick the petals that whisper, “he loves me, he love me not.”

Where does it land?

Early Winter.

I am waiting for a cold December
Hoping the snow will clean me white
Your taste is all I remember
In every corner, you are the light
You fill the shadows of my soul tonight
I am waiting for a new December
Maybe the storm will play my fight
Your words linger on my shoulders
I carry the burden of our plight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Forget you
If just for one more night.


Revenge is the very best success.